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About Watkins

You have probably heard about Watkins somewhere. Perhaps you heard of the 'Watkins Man' or maybe someone in your family has talked about Watkins' products. The company has a pretty amazing story, going back over 150 years and changing with the times. By far, the Watkins company is one of the strongest companies out there and trusted by customers across North America for generations.

Watkins History

Back in 1868, a man working out of his home created an amazing pain-relieving liniment. This liniment became famous for it's pain-relieving properties and today is well known as  'Red Liniment'. The man was Joseph Ray (J.R) Watkins.

Over the next 150 years, the Watkins company would expand the product line while still using top quality ingredients.  Products range  from homecare, to the kitchen and natural bath & body.

The Watkins 2 Minute Video

How do you sum up 150 years of incredible business history into a short 2 minute video? Watch the video now...

About the Products

Watkins products have come a long way since 1868.  There are always new and exciting products introduced to meet consumer demand. From natural health products to amazing top quality food products,  you can learn about our products by visiting our online store.

About the Business

Watkins offers their products in Canada and the USA. Products are sold primarily by Indep. Watkins Consultants who sell products to customers via:

  • Directly sales
  • At home parties,
  • Through trade shows and markets
  • Online methods

The home business is flexible, offering a great compensation plan plus many perks, including bonuses and chances to earn free vacations.

Learn More...

If you are wanting to know more about starting a Watkins home business, buying Watkins products or just have some questions you would like answered, visit my information site!